What Is Missing From Photography


A small section of an interesting article.

To tell a story you could include a blurb, you could tell a story with a photo series or essay that has a narrative or story structure. Your image could have an article, music, sound or dialogue with it. I love reading blurbs in photo galleries giving me context behind the work or what the artist is striving for with their imagery. I love it when someone adds a story or description below their Instagram post. It gives the photo more power and humanity.

Think Humans of New York, if all you saw were the portraits, you would think that’s a nice photo and move on. But there is a whole lot of text below it, that is related to the person in the portrait. Those stories are deeply personal and that is why so many people resonate with Brandon Stanton’s work. Because the photographs have a personal story attached to the imagery, they make us sympathize and relate to the subject.

If only more photographs had a story behind it. I’m not saying that taking photographs for the act of taking photographs is bad. I’m not saying that a nice landscape is meaningless or an editorial spread is worthless. I’m not saying that at all, I’d just love to get a little more context to why the image was taken. If the images you capture are because they are aesthetically beautiful then you have succeeded in sharing that meaning and value. If your images are just for you then great take everything I said with a massive grain of salt. Personally, I’d love to know the story, meaning and history or feeling behind your photograph. Express what you see or feel through your lens, make me feel through your imagery and message, share a story… your story.


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