Times Like These

Being home more is really not a big change for me. Up until recently I was home most of the time. I recently started two jobs as well as doing some volunteer work. It was getting hectic but I enjoyed getting out and doing things. It did seem to cut into my "creative" time but I was ready to get away from that some anyway. I needed new inspiration and a break.

Well, I got a break. Both jobs ended abruptly as well as the volunteer work. Fortunately I still have income so now I have time. I am keeping in touch with my photographer friends by email and group chat. We are encouraging each other and checking in on each other. This makes this time a little less stressful.

Being home in the middle of a gorgeous spring day is hard. I want to go out and capture the weather and the area wildlife. Instead I am making photos of my yard and neighborhood. I am also looking over old photos to see if I can get inspiration for how they could be done differently. Finally, I am making myself sit down and read thru some of the many photography books I have. I hope to review a couple of them here.

A group of photographer friends are giving each other challenges. This week it was to take a still life. The photo above is of flowers that were given to my wife when she was in the hospital last summer. I made some photos of them then and then I left them out in a storage room off my porch. I used a ring light to photograph them and then I processed them in photoshop to enhance the tonality. Finally, I added a texture that I feel added to the feel of decay.


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