Time to Start over?

In the spring I look out my window and see the new growth on the pine trees. I planted the pine trees as seedlings over 15 years ago and they have grown taller than the house. I had to cut one of them done because it was not driving and it kept the trees on either side from branching out as much as I wanted. I wanted trees that blocked the wind as well as a view of my neighbors. I was rewarded by trees that gave the birds a place to hide and gave me the sounds of chirping birds during a spring rainstorm.

As it started to rain today, I looked out the window and saw the rain drops bounce and splash on the red metal roof right out side the window next to my desk. I wanted to capture the deep greens and the red while also capturing the water. I ended up fascinated with the shades of green in the evergreens. The new growth that contrasted with the darker greens of the older growths. I was reminded of a blog post by Donna about how she wanted to mute the greens of spring because they were too strong and hurt her eyes. I can see that but that leaves out the history of the tree outside my window.

I am not sure that they are interesting by themselves but with the history and the perfect display of what spring is all about they were perfect for me.

The next question that arises is how do I crop the photos to bring out what I am trying to show? What do I include in the frame? should it be in focus or blurry? A close up or a wider angle? Do I ned to show what the camera saw or what I saw?

The view of the roof

What was I trying to capture/say? Which one does it best? I did take some blurry photos but I wasn't happy with them. As I write this the sun came out and changed the whole scene. Time to start over?


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