Tell a story

All photographs attempt to tell a story. The problem is deciding what that story is going to be and what photos best tell that story in the most artistic manner.

Are All the stories interesting? Some are just a story of what you found interesting while you were making photos. It may be uninteresting or simplistic to others. What you have to decide is that if you found it interesting could it be interesting to someone else? Or do you even care.

Picnic in the park Bounce house

I went to the lunch in the park at Hurkamp park in Fredericksburg last Tuesday to see what was interesting going on. I was attracted to the kids playing in the bounce house that was apparently sponsored by the Police department. I made around 20 photos of the bounce house from different angles and light. I chose this one as an overall representation of the activity.

I liked the pattern of the webbing around the bounce area and the action of the kids as they moved.

I think this represents the best shot I made. What is the story? I didn't really think about it but I know something about it attracted me to it. The kids were as far as I could tell not related. They all just got in a jumped around together. Maybe it is a simple story but it is something that we don't do much as we get older. It also is getting rarer for children to get out an exercise. Maybe it is just a story about what I found interesting.

I did not really think of it as a story until I sat down with the photos I made that day and sorted them. I found a connection.


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