I was given a book called "Storytellers" by Jerod Foster that I have been reading. As I have discussed previously, I want to try to tell stories with my photos. I am taking a course next week in Maine called "The Staged Poetic Image" in hopes of getting some ideas.

The book has suggested to me that I am being too literal on what I consider a story. I have a hard time imaging that landscapes tell stories. As a matter of fact I think that with few exceptions, only photos with people in them tell stories. So far the book suggests that stories can be behind most photos. It is largely done by focusing the viewer's attention on what you want them to see. This makes more sense to me.

I have been photographing around the town of Colonial Beach for the last two summers. I am not sure what I am trying to say just that it interests me. I am hoping that a "story" will come out of the photos or at least a theme.

I am not sure what this theme is yet other than night on the town pier. Will see


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