Photography as a solo pursuit

I have often thought of photography as a hobby best done alone. It is an attempt to find what interests YOU, what YOU want to express and what attracts YOU. It is often a lonely hobby since what I find interesting is not always what others do. What is the sense of expressing yourself if no one else is listening. I guess this is why I put some of my thoughts and photos on here so that I at least have the allusion that someone might see them one day. Well, that and it helps me to organize my thoughts.

I went for a walk around the "town" yesterday without my camera. I think that this is a good idea since it allows me to scout out good places and scenes that I can come back to. While I was out I ran in to my friend Donna Hopkins ( She was out Making photographs. We had not seen each other in a while so we started talking and walking over to Downtown Greens. Downtown Greens has a nice little garden that I have been in before but it has been a while.

Donna started by photographing what interested her and we began to compare notes on what we would do with the subject at hand even though I did not have a camera. We had some of the same insights and thoughts. She made a number of excellent photos (that you can see on her blog) and inspired me to come back this morning to see what I might see differently.

I would say this exercise is an example of the exception to the solo practice rule. It is exciting to see what others would do with the same subject matter and interesting to see how differently we see it. I hope I get the chance to do this again.


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