On the way to Eggbornsville

Recently I have been trying to just go where fate takes me. I will walk down a street in town and turn on a corner dependent on which crosswalk changes to walk sooner or later depending how I feel. I am not in search of any one thing but whatever comes up in front of me.

On Wednesday, my wife and I went on a road trip. It was a beautiful day and the sun was out. we drove towards the mountains and and let fate decide where we were going. We used to do this more when our son was younger. He liked car rides and would usually fall asleep quickly in the backseat as we drove. I will say that having GPS makes this a lot easier.

We drove until we ended up near the mountains in Culpeper county. Our GPS told us that we were on Eggbornsville road. We decided that the name was perfect and that we had to find the town/place that the road was named for. I had gotten my camera and had it sitting by the door but of course, I had left it behind so I spend much of the time passing farms with old barns and thinking of how I would have photographed them. I think that this is a good exercise because it takes a way the instantaneous impulse to snap a picture and replaces it with a more appreciative study of my surroundings. Not that I didn't miss some great shots, or at least I like to tell myself this.

We never did find Eggbornsville. It turns out that it was a small post office about a hundred years ago that no longer exists. There was a family named Eggbornsville but we didn't meet them either. It does make a great name for a blog post though.

In keeping with the theme of wandering photographer I did take some photos of Crabtree Falls last week when I was out alone traveling the mountain tops. I try to go there at least once a year in the fall and get the falls. It is an easy walk (to the first falls) and allows me to practice.


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