New Directions/Awareness

So I have been going back thru some of my older photos to see if I can find any patterns or inspirations. I can find, as you can see on this blog, that I tend to switch it up alot. I shoot different things at different times. I will say that found patterns or style is difficult to do with this body of work.

I will say that I can summarize my "fads" to three different types. I most often make photos of things that interest or surprise me. I woulkd place in this category photos I take of plants and animals. I was a biology major so I have a background so to speak of questioning and observing. I have taken countless photos of leaves and flowers both because I find them beautiful but they never cease to amaze me. so much so that I want to capture them. (I am not always successful).

Th next thing I photograph is people. I have been making photos in the studio for around ten years and I can actually see the change in my ability throughout all my photos in that time. I started being satisfied making photos of "pretty" models. I did this for many years in many different studios. Looking thru them I find that the are one dimensional. They show pretty but that is all. I want to expand to actually say something ablout the model or their personality or at least my personality. Maybe I have done that but I don't see it except fleetingly. Recently I find that I have a need to shoot in studio a couple of times a year. I like the control over the lights and backdrops. If I am honest I like talking to the models and I have found that I am growing less shy and introverted as I grow older. Maybe this still has a place for me.

I have taken the interest in photographing people to the street on occasion. I thought that I was being a coward by capturing photos without their knowledge but I have come to realize that I don't want them to know. I don't want a posed and practiced smile. I can get that in a studio. I want to capture gestures and I want to see what they do when they think no one is looking. Some of these photos can be boring. The interesting ones are few and often only to me but when I capture one it is magic.

You may wonder what got me into this contemplative state. I was watching youtube videos on Street photography and came across this video by Sean Tucker. It is a little long by youtube standards but it is worth the time at least for me.


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