Inspiration: Keith Carter

It seems to me that I am looking at dark themes in the photos I admire. I like the darker look of this photographer's photos too but mostly because of the way he uses focus in his pictures to draw you in. The fact that some (or all) of the photo is out of focus makes me want to look at it harder and to try to understand what he is trying to say. His images are shot with an analog camera and in monochrome. I asm also leaning towards monochrome recently because I think that I'm many cases it gives me the photos a presence that I want to convey. It doesn't work for all photos but it does make me look or closely at all the details and not be distracted by "pretty" colors.

Keith Carter is doing a seminar in Maine this summer and I would love to take his class. I am not sure I would qualify since there is a portfolio review necessary in order to get into the class. I am al.ready taking a class in July and I am not sure I want to (or can afford) two trips to Maine this year.

This one of my favorite pictures of all time

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