Glass from the past

I am using some of my free time to learn about photography both old and new. For a number of years I have been buying older photo books. I find a person whose style I liked and go out and try to find an inexpensive copy of a photo book that does a good job of representing them. Some of the photographers I placed on here as influences have come from this search.

Recently I have expanded this to getting old photos, negatives and glass negatives of people who apparently have been long ago forgotten. I find these at flea markets and online and then I scan them. I practice improving the photo for the digital age if needed.

Some of the unknown people in these photos are haunting and amazing. Some are unidentified landscapes that may no longer be around. It speaks to the transient nature of life but it is also sad in a way.

This was not a negative. but it is one of my favorite

This is from a glass negative

The glass negatives come in different sizes. this is one of the bigger ones I have

This is a photo of a photo

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