Last May I was walking around downtown through the park. I decided that I would sit and look for interesting photos of the people around me.

What I found was that I was noticing that there were some interesting motions and gestures in the people in the market.

The looks on people's faces as they went about the shopping were varied and interesting. I am not sure that I really noticed them before.

Even the little dog above had a gesture.

I found these while going back through photos I had taken earlier in the year. I had forgotten that I had taken them and though I did take them with the purpose of capturing gestures, I remember being dissatisfied with the results. I think that I like this one the most. As I sat there the child started off looking around but then slowly began nodding off. There is even a gesture in the way the mother holds the cart, stands mostly on on foot and has a cross tattooed above her left foot.


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