Fireman's Parade

Last Friday evening we were in Colonial Beach so we went down to see the fireman's parade. There were warnings all over the place about the noise levels but we didn't listen. Boy, was it loud.

I took many pictures of the different fire truck but I was most interested in the people of the town. There were lots of kids watching the parade most of them with ear protections. When it come to taking pictures of kids I am of two minds. First, the kids are cute and have the greatest expressions that are not hampered by their fear of having their picture taking that the adults often have, It is more spontaneous. Second, I am worried that I might get accused or acosted by their parents for taking their pictures. This is a fear that has been born out before. I think that this may be a problem that male photographers in particular have to deal with.

This young lady kept looking at me and posing. At one point she placed her hand beside her face and looked right at me.

I do think that taking pictures in a public area should make this acceptable.

Ear coverings were needed.


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