A view of the Fourth

Colonial Beach Fourth of July

I am going to try to take different views of common events. I have taken many photos of the fireworks over the years, some of them pretty good. This year I went down to the beach and sat with my tripod on the opposite side of the dock and waited. There were many people there and most of them were in various degrees of intoxication. Unfortunately, I positioned myself at an angle that would let me take photos of the sky and there really was no other place to go in the dark. As I sat there I noticed that when the "bombs bursting in air" occured it lit up the beach and created different colors and silhouettes. The water reflected the different colors of the fireworks often in Red, white (whiteish) and blue. Luckily the fireworks alternated between shooting up high in the air and shooting down low near the dock so while I didn't see all the fireworks thru my lens I did get to see and capture some of the better ones. I think this is all one can ask for.

"Red Glare" over the beach


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